Monthly Archives: March 2014

Creating global php header and footer files for beginners

Like many, when I first started learning how to build websites I coded each complete page individually. It only took a few times of having to go through each page separately to update the navigation or fix a bug that appeared later down the road before it dawned on me that there has to be a better way. That was when I learned about using global header and footer files. An include file is one… Read more »

Google’s Officially Taken Over

While reading posts on one of my favorite Google+ communities, I came across this video from Ian Lurie. Lurie explains how Google’s new search algorithm is factoring in “random affinities” in the hopes to better understand searchers’ intentions. Google can use it’s steadily growing social media network, Google+, to help find these random affinities. If this is so, Google+ could soon be a more powerful marketing platform than Facebook. Lurie really opened my eyes to… Read more »